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"Get your stone CLADDING factory SEALED with 21st century NANO-tech WATERPROOF     coating.  The NATURAL finish." 

Insulated stone siding veneer

Often when consumers buy stone materials they are not informed that the stone should be suitably sealed or waterproofed. Often they only find out about this necessary costly addition after they have purchased the stone. Most stone absorbs moisture and like many materials protection is advised to inhibit mould growth and dirt ingress. It is much easier to protect against these likelihoods in stone than attempting to rid them after it is has happened. Many sealers change the look and colour tone dramatically from their natural features so beware. Sample tests on scrap stone is advised first. Stone cladding veneer that is not sealed will also show definative colour differences when wet, with rain affected areas being vastly different than dry areas. This can be avoided with Eco Smart Stone. This video clearly demonstrates the features of nano waterproofing technology.   


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