"It's LOVINGLY manufactured from natural reconstituted stone, made into NEW...

that's what makes it TECHSTONE." 

TechStone is a composite insulated stone using natural quarry stone waste creating a superior no maintenance very affordable cladding solution for the budget conscious building developer/designer. TechStone is produced in various designer finishes and colours sure to please the most discerning builders/developers. It is installed utilizing the mechanical SmartFix  system. TechStone is available in 300 format at 300mm height x 600 mm, 500mm and 400mm length and 600 format at 600mm height x 1200mm length.



Factory sealed for protection, no maintenance, lightweight with a R-3.0 thermal rating with SmartClip installation system.


Thinking BUDGET…think ENERGY SAVINGS, think THERMAL COMFORT, think BEAUTY, think VALUE FOR MONEY,                     THINK TechStone.

As lovers of natural stone we appreciate there are few substitutes for the real thing. The higher price of real stone denies many consumers the enjoyment of a beautiful stone faced home. Budget is important to most so we spent many diligent hours recreating an affordable and believable alternative to real stone. The result is TechStone, made from natural stone waste with all the natural colours of the original, because thats exactly what it's made from. In fact, some particular stone types actually demonstrate improved qualities over the originals. 


Some limestone and sandstone in it's natural form is very soft with a low density which results in high porosity. When remanufactured it exhibits much improved density and considerably lower water absorption. The ultimate finish of TechStone however is indistinguishable from the original stone. Some might say this is a premium bonus at a budget price, and they may well be right. You can now really afford to enjoy the stunning beauty of a stone home without blowing your budget. In doing so you are also ecologically utilizing and showing off natures waste in the most beautiful charming way. 

Straight edge cut TechStone Limestone for pencil jointed finish


'reconstituted limestone that reflects the qualities of the original,

 with many benefits other than just an affordable price'


TechStone reconstituted Limestone with beveled edges and traditionally grouted after installation. 


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