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"WHY EcoSmart Stone for your tired FIBRO home renovation transformation... BECAUSE it's REAL stone wall cladding veneer.

ZERO future maintenance with VIRTUALLY 'FREE'


thermal insulation."

Sandstone walling transformation
Which half of this home would you rather have?
Just the start, and already looking great! The difference a day makes.
EcoSmart Stone makes a difficult decision easier, and insulates your home in just one stone cladding veneer application.
Faced with the complete removal of the old fibro sheeting in order to insulate your home, or saving that high cost with a beautiful stone walling, which would you choose? Especially when that new stone wall  provides insulation at the same time. Nothing is easy, but EcoSmart Stone makes it easier than many other options, providing a stunning real stone finish with real energy savings. It is almost 'FREE insulation' as it comes standard with all our stone products. Yes, you can enjoy the comfort of R-3 thermal value rating, well above BCA requirements in most areas.
Any retrofit renovation has it's challenges, regardless of chosen finish but it is what you end up with that really matters. There are cheaper options but what is the end result comparison. EcoSmart Stone provides a superior zero cracking maintanence FREE finish, saving thousands on future painting.  Real stone adds real capital value to your home, far greater than most other finishes. Thats worth a little extra up front in itself.
Look at these examples and decide for yourself how much extra $ value EcoSmart stone has added to these homes. It is an investment that will truly appreciate in the years to come and will be reflected in any future sale price. Most people are influenced by first impression, and that comes with stunning street appeal. They will see the true value right in front of them. WOW, is what really matters.
Most home purchasers these days are looking for ZERO maintanence. Natural stone, no painting.  
A new home, without leaving home, new insulation without the cost and pain of tearing the walls out. That's Eco SMART! 
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