"See WHY a cavity fixing system is far SUPERIOR to direct mortar fix veneer stone installations."  

"Flashing is very important. Insurance is more important. A cavity system is that exactly that, INSURANCE. In the unusual event of water ingress the cavity allows the moisture to escape BEHIND the cavity down to the weep-holes in the bottom rail. NOT into the structural fabric of the building causing costly damage such has occurred in this video example."

'INSURANCE' really is a mechanical fixing system. There is then no reliance on poor chemical adhesives or sealers, as can be seen in the examples below. We were asked to quote on this building in Victoria Australia, for restitution works. This building was only 5 years old at the time. The cladding stone was clearly just 'spot fixed'. Against this, it also appears the actual wall sealer was of of very poor quality, as it shows it is where the adhesion breakdown occurred in the first instance. Spot fixing also allows moisture to get behind the stone cladding which is likely to have a considerable effect on performance, even if the materials used were of better quality. Not much more can be said, except that a mechanical system, with a cavity, would most certainly not have provided a result like this one.
There is also a serious safety issue here as well. The faulty cladding stone falling off at will places a fair  danger of the material hitting residents or passers by.

"The ULTIMATE cladding SOLUTION is a BCA approved mechanical fixing system. A SMART one, SmartStone Systems."

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