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"BEAUTIFUL natural STONE retaining wall SOLUTIONS.  At around HALF the cost of other options."

Building a retaining wall can be extremely expensive, but it needs to be right first time. Generally an engineer should design the footings and load requirements. Especially for concrete and re-bar if it is to be concrete or Besser block construction. An engineers report specification is mandatory in most states if above 1 metre in height.

Retaining Walls - Construction - Stone - Sandstone - Basalt - Blue Stone

     "WHY do things TWICE, when YOU can save          SO much MONEY doing it just ONCE."

Constructing a retaining wall

Waterproofing required here

Building a retaining wall

For those wanting a lovely stone finish it becomes a lot more expensive. The project then becomes a 3 step process. One, build the structure, then two, waterproof it, then three, fit the cladding stone to the face of the Besser block or concrete structure. Besser block  and concrete is porous, thus requires a membrane waterproofing system applied to the retaining side of the wall.  After footings, using the Smart Stone System a retaining wall is a just ONE step process. It includes the stone facing. This ELIMINATES the costs of waterproofing membrane, as the backing side is a totally waterproof material in itself. Even more savings.

These examples here show the current way to build a stone retaining wall.

1. Construct the footings

2. Lay the Besser blocks with re-bar

3. Core fill with concrete

4. Waterproof the retaining side

5. Adhere the stone cladding facing

6. Fit capping stones

Total price unfinished Besser $645-00 M2 Total price with stone finish   $910-00 M2 

NOTE :  The prices quoted here for retaining wall construction are an average quoted by the industry

  "HERE'S the NEW way to SAVE time and MONEY for       the construction of a STONE faced retaining wall."

Forget the Besser block! Simply build your fence or retaining wall with EcoSmart Stone. Set the foundation and re-bar to engineers specs, pour concrete footings. Use and construct with the SmartStone connecting spacers. Core fill, and add capping's. Job DONE!  Circa $550 sq metre including footings. (a retaining wall project utilizes the insulation board. No stone) on the inside soil retaining side. This provides a complete waterproof barrier, saving even more money compared with the costs involved for the membrane waterproofing required.

"THAT'S a SAVINGS of of $350 a square metre.     40% LESS than a Besser block/stone retaining wall."

How to build a retaining wall the easy way
Build a retaining wall for a lot less
Building a stone retaining wall construction

EASY as ABC. All blocks are calibrated to fit together and align beautifully. 

This retaining wall system utilizes, and is available in all our standard cladding blocks.

With fully fabricated corners it makes installation real easy. 

Fully waterproof when finished.

Why do it the OLD way when you can have a superior wall for a lot less effort and money?


This example shows off Honey Natural Split Sandstone with pencil jointing.


The easy way to build beautiful retaining walls. Great building solutions

"ENJOY the BEAUTY of a natural stone retaining wall for a lot LESS than you thought."

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