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"LOOKING for a BEAUTIFUL simple SOLUTION for a dated FIBRO home? EcoSmart Stone. WHY? Its REAL stone wall veneer cladding.".

"NO future maintenance with real ENERGY SAVING thermal insulation to R-3.0."

Stunning Sandstone Cladding Makeover
Going back to beautiful colonial charm. Going forward in energy efficiency.
From ordinary to stunning in just a fortnight.  What a difference!
How do you make a difficult decision easier? 
Faced with the decision of "what finish will I have?" when renovating this fibro home the choices were many. Like many older fibre cement sheeted homes there was no existing wall insulation which impacted on both summer and winter comfort.
The need to address both the thermal insulation requirements and the aesthetics played a big role in this clients decision. Other options in stone required the walls to be lined with FC sheeting, then stone veneer wet fixed. Whilst the stone cladding was comparable in price to EcoSmart Stone it required two lots of material purchases and two labour processes, making it a more expensve and messier option. And one that provided no thermal insulation whatsoever. 
The other option to acheive thermal insulation was the EIFS polystyrene render system. This was a cheaper option but was not the aesthetic look he required. There was also some doubt around the potential of cracking prevalent in some of these systems, with which occurance means complete wall re-render to ensure any repairs do not show. 
Though around $13K more than EIFS the owner opted for EcoSmart Stone as he would get the finish he really wanted. He felt with the extra capital gain benefits on the property it was worth it, without factoring in the savings on two or three paint jobs of about $8K each over the years.    
A quick look at the results speak for themselves.
Whilst rustic cottage charm does not always appeal to everyone, when it comes to selling there is always one that will absolutely love it. And they will see the value in having no future maintanence too.
A 38 degree day immediately after this installation confirmed the value of the insulation very quickly.
Don't leave home. Create a new one. Enjoy the comfort of thermal insulation without the need and cost of removing walls. Appreciate the increase in value, the energy savings, and the beauty of natural stone walling.  That's Eco SMART! 
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