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"INSULATION for shipping CONTAINER home building,    AND beautiful cladding in ONE simple application". 

HOT, HOT, HOT is what happens if a shipping container house is not thermally insulated. On days with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius the metal on the container can reach in excess of 70 degrees Celsius with the direct heat from the sun. This heat is transferred into the inside creating unbearable conditions. The reverse in severe cold.  

Vertical Porcelain Insulated

"COMPARE the REST...  get the BEST Value insulated wall finish for your container home build." 

With a lovely range of external finishes we can offer various options that will thermally insulate your container home from the OUTSIDE. This saves valuable room on the inside, and results in much better insulation performance by eliminating heat transfer to the metal substrate. This provides real internal comfort in both extreme cold, and hot climate conditions. With a choice of cladding styles you can enjoy the benefit of a stunning cladding, AND insulation in the ONE simple application. From large format porcelain panels, timber face porcelain and stone facings there is sure to be one that suits your taste and style. Factory grooved panels for perfect fixing alignment they simply adhere to the existing container wall using an 'L' metal starter rail welded around the bottom of the container. SIMPLE. Factory made corners easily complete the beautiful look.   

Wall cladding and insulation for shipping container house

The stunning elegance of Limestone insulated cladding.

How to insulate a container home

Insulating the INSIDE of a shipping container home is a sure way to lose valuable living space


Be prepared to lose up to 2.5 sq metres ( 27 sq ft) of floor space with internal insulation.


All our insulated cladding material options are super lightweight for fast and easy installations.  


Timber porcelain insulation cladding for container homes
Porcelain insulated cladding for container homes

Zero maintenance timber look porcelain wall cladding finishes. Forget costly future painting.


Thermal insulation cladding for shipping container houses

"Whatever your architectural style, we have something that will make a shipping container look like a HOME".

FibreCLAD Example 2.png

The thickness of our thermal insulation material (50mm / 2") allows utility fixtures (electrical/plumbing) to be chased and hidden on the outside of the structure.

Container Home Cladding Cover.png
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