"Smart Stone Systems ECOLOGICAL management INITIATIVES." 


We make every effort to frugally utilize resources and waste in our product manufacturing process.  We also have many measures implemented to save energy and water usage in our daily activities. The following are some of these initiatives…


1. Different stone has varying densities thus some are easier to cut than others. Many companies use one power saw for all    densities, i.e. 15kw. We utilize a motors power to suit the stone being cut, thus in many cases we can use a 10kw or 7.5kw  motor, the results reducing power consumption by up to 50%.


2. All our machines are shut off between transfer of material whilst most other factories leave the motor running using double the power than is required to complete the actual cutting process.


3. All our saws and calibrating machinery are fitted with electronic automatic water valves which means a savings of more than    double that of most factories that leave water running on saws whilst in use or not.


4. Our factory is located just below the quarry resources reducing transport costs, road damage and pollution.


5. All adhesives used are low/no VOC and most are water based for both environmental and employee welfare and safety.


6. We use quarry stone waste (otherwise used as road base) for product manufacture as much as is possible. Whilst this costs    more in labour, this is offset with the lower material cost and results in the provision of more worker employment.


7. All other waste stone is recycled and crushed for the manufacture of our TechStone and EnviroPanel product range.


8. We use our own solar generated off grid power for all single phase needs in the factory and office.


9. All water is screened and recycled for our own use in saw cooling and stone screenings are used in the manufacture of our  TechStone and EnviroPanel products.


10. Our innovative lightweight EcoSmart Stone product increases yield more than 3 times compared with the stone consumed by most other cladding stone, and 10 times yield compared to dimension stone, thus creating large resource savings. 


11. Our fireproof insulation board is fire rated ‘A’ and produced without CFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde. 

We are committed to being 'EcoSmart' with continuing improvements in our production facilities to ensure we minimise as much negative impact on the environment and natural resources as is possible at all times.

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