"WHY 'EcoSmart Stone'... because it's REAL stone wall cladding veneer, SUPER lightweight, easy to use insulated siding for REAL energy SAVINGS."

EcoSmart Stone utilizes the beauty of natural stone and thermal insulation with all types of stone and finishes. Super lightweight, at just 20kgs to 26kgs a square metre, very easy to install and perfect for all types of construction projects. 

The patent pending SmartClip and tongue lock cavity system allows for very simple installation direct to timber or metal stud walls without the need for lining boards. Forget the mess of direct wet-fix mortar systems.

Each stone, or panel interlocks with each other with

the tongue joining channels into factory pre-grooved 

rebates.  This makes it significantly faster than

traditional mortar and dry-hang fixing which lowers

costs. No more wet  weather holdups or expensive specialist trades required. When installed in accordance with the instructions this system provides a complete waterproof barrier protecting the very important structural fabric of the building.


The EcoSmart Stone range comprises of 3 Series of formats, a 300 Series with single blocks at 300mm height as above in 400mm, 500mm and 600mm lengths. The 600 Series single large format pieces at 1200mm length x 600mm height and the Ashlar series as below with interlocking stone sections in easy handling large 1200mm x 300mm height panels.                                                                                                      

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