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"Making MESSY stone WALLING processes SIMPLE and FAST. A wall cladding SYSTEM that offers a real    SOLUTION to wet-fix installations."  

The SmartClip is designed for ease and speed with Smart Stone Systems insulated lightweight wall claddings, without the high cost of dimension stone. It's fast and simple. Perfect for new home wall cladding or for renovation retro fit projects. Enjoy the natural charm of stone and the energy savings gained with the inbuilt high thermal insulation qualities. Thats truly ECO smart. Real STONE. Real beauty.

Fireproof stone cladding and facade fixings

Stone facing

Alignment grooves   ----

Fireproof facades and wall cladding from smart stone systems

Multi-Rail   Starter / Lintel / Sill / Reveal  

SmartClip Bracket

Soffit Parapet Rail Moulding

Direct fix to stud wall stone veneer systems - fire resistant
Multi-Rail stone cladding and siding for fireproof facade and wall cladding

Timber or Metal stud

Cavity 18mm

Insulation backing

SmartClip bracket

Breather Foil

Stone window sill installation detail for walling stone cladding and facades
Walling stone corners for stone cladding and wall siding
Stone cladding window and door setbacks for fireproof facades
Body stone for fireproof facades and wall cladding

90 degree Corner Stone

Multi-Rail shown with sill seating  

Door / Window Reveal Stone

Body Stone

'a good SYSTEM makes things SIMPLER, and FASTER.

It’s what truly brings ALL the pieces together.'

Bluestone basalt wall cladding veneer - lightweight insulated siding

DIRECT to STUD fixing  means no need for extra wall lining materials and labour costs required with other stone cladding methods.


RIGHT -  Typical standard window and door setback detail. Lovely Basalt / Bluestone in sawn/brushed finish. 

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