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"Can EcoSmart Stone EASILY be installed by a DIY handy-person?"

DIY STONE cladding for NEW builds. Lightweight THERMALLY insulated STONE walling

Phil Perkins - Owner Builder - Tasmania ,  Australia        2015

”We loved, and wanted stone for our new build, but had no experience        in stone masonry, so        we looked for options      we could undertake”


Phil and Edna Perkins, single handed, clad their new home themselves. Phil is a retired school teacher, who decided to build their dream retirement home themselves. Looking at the result clearly he had with some wonderful other attributes apart from teaching. 

"would the installation be as simple we had hoped?” 

We were attracted by a natural stone material with thermal insulation benefits. More particularly the use of a mechanical fixing system that enabled us to undertake the installation ourselves. Essentially we just followed the instruction detail supplied with the materials. Like anything new to us there was the odd challenge, but nothing daunting. On the whole it was a very smooth installation, and the result really speaks for itself. 


Simple DIY stone MASONRY - Split SANDSTONE
SIMPLE stone SIDING for DIY installations
Sandstone Wall Cladding Veneer - Exterior Wall Stone

"We are very happy with the results, and others also very impressed."


This stone cladding project features Split Honey Beige Sandstone, with Split Slate corners

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