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"SMART Systems client TESTIMONIAL"2 

Tim Barnes                                                             Year 2015

Home Owner -  Leeton, NSW ,  Australia



”I was looking for an attractive energy saving way to upgrade our old fibro”


I searched far for a product that would provide thermal insulation and an attractive no maintenance quality finish until I found EcoSmart Stone. It was a little more expensive than other options, which were insulated render coating systems that required constant repainting. I did not want future mainenance. I figure I would save that little extra quickly, along with enjoying the quality and beauty of a real stone exterior. Our home frontage had a little of the colonial look it so felt it would be harmonious, and could almost look like an original stone build of that era. It also gets rather warm here in summer, and reasonably cool in winter so thermal insulation was important to our needs. The system was touted as quite simple and fast. I planned to do the installation myself, with the help of a carpenter friend so it seemed ideal for all my needs. I think the biggest reservation we had was ordering and paying for product from a company overseas. We had been burnt before with a deposit we paid for goods from overseas. We were somewhat more assured when we knew the China manufacturing factory was actually owned and managed by Aussies and Kiwis.

Fibro home transformation with insulated sandstone wall veneer cladding
"would it all be as we had hoped and been promised?” 

We bit the bullet anyway, paid the deposit and with updates on progress then received the goods in Sydney. Checked them out, then organised a local transport company to truck the stone to Leeton. The installation was quite simple as we were told, and soon had works well underway in a very short time. My carpenter friend had no problems in completing the works. The grouting wore my fingers to the bone, but the end result was well worth it. Not only does out home look great, it has significantly increased the thermal comfort, we have noticed a huge improvement in our room temperatures, and how much less we are using our reverse cycling. Especially when we have recently had some of the hottest days for decades. I think we have actually added some real ‘old’ heritage to our rural country town. Certainly our neighbours are impressed, as are my wife and I. The end result is lovely and I can look forward to no more painting and maintenance in the years to come. I consider the stone cladding to be an excellent investment. I doubt there was any other way we could have achieved the look and finish we have for the price we have. I haven’t had a property valuation since but imagine it has increased significantly. My building industry friends, who were cautiously sceptical of the project initially, have conceded ‘well done.’ 


Old fibro home before retro fitting with insulated exterior stone wall cladding
Exterior Cladding of an old fibro house in beautiful lightweight insulated sandstone veneer
Fibro home transformation with sandstone wall cladding veneer - lightweight insulated exterior wall siding
Lightweight sandstone wall cladding veneer over an old fibro house exterior with energy saving insulation
Sandstone Wall Cladding Veneer - Exterior Wall Stone

"We have noticed a huge improvement in our room temperatures, and how much less we are using our reverse cycling."


This stone cladding project features Honed Beige Sandstone, with Split Sandstone corners

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