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"SMART stone systems client TESTIMONIAL"

Eco Smart Stone Product Testimonial
Damian James                                                         Year 2015
Project Manager -  Melbourne,  Australia   

"As a builder there is always a degree of scepticism with a new product“

On the other hand, given opportunity, there is also the potential for changing the game. I was introduced to EcoSmart Stone on the project I was overseeing. Having worked with stone trades many times before it was time consuming and very messy. With this product being lightweight and the thermally insulated I thought, WOW, this sounds really good, fast and clean. I guess the next thing was, “in real time, would the product live up to expectations?”  And being manufactured to order from overseas “would it be here on time, and in good condition?”  As a cladding system, “was it going to be to the required tolerance specifications?”  All my usual concerns that can cause costly time/money holdups on a construction site.  


“would the product and system live up to expectations?” 

The product was delivered on time, in fact to be fair, we weren’t quite ready for them. The pallets were fully enclosed for protection from damage and weather. The installation was completed quickly and with little mess, certainly far less than that created with wet fixing of other stone claddings. The ease of fixing provided me with a neat solution in meeting junctions I had in the project, namely the lintel finishing above the garage door.  The setback returns at the windows and doors were really neat too, very impressed with that. Factory finished wraparound corners completed the project beautifully. The stone was factory cut to spec providing very smart jointing. It is fast due to its lightweight features, and its energy efficient qualities are very unique compared to most wall finishes available, especially with the beauty of real stone.  I think the result speaks for itself and I have no hesitations in recommending EcoSmart Stone to any builder or developer.

Basalt Bluestone Cladding Veneer - Lightweight Insulated Stone Siding
Wall Stone Cladding Veneer System
Bluestone Wall Cladding Veneer
Bluestone Basalt Wall Cladding Veneer

"one application that fully insulates and clads stone direct to stud makes real sense for speed and money savings"

Stunning Bluestone Basalt stone wall cladding veneer - stone walling materials
Energy efficient wall veneer cladding - thermally insulated wall siding materials
Basalt stone veneer wall siding veneer - bluestone walling cladding - lightweight exterior wall materials

"no painting or future maintenance equals real savings

...along with a truly great looking finished result"

This stone cladding project features honed Basalt, often referred to as Bluestone

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