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Are you one many thousands in the country who own a FIBRO clad home? If so you may well have looked into the problems and costs of upgrading to meet current energy efficiency standards, and finding the most affordable way to achieve a stunning distinctive new look. 


Many fibro homes generally exhibit poor energy efficiency with thermal insulation usually being non-existent, and chances are the sheeting contains dangerous asbestos. Upgrading it properly generally requires more than just a ‘lick of paint’. To enjoy better future comfort and thermal efficiency its probable that removal of the existing fibro cladding is required. As a certified process this can be very expensive. You could spend up $10,000 for the stripping,  removal and disposal of the old asbestos sheeting. With this ‘blank canvas’ approach you will watch all that money go directly to the rubbish dump, and invest even more for the insulation, new cladding and the final finishing.  Imagine if you could save that 7-10 thousand dollars by investing it directly into a superior maintenance free exterior, without removing the existing cladding?


SmartStone Systems, the complete lightweight cladding solution. Its real stone, its fully insulated, and it’s truly affordable. How do we do that? We do that by being really SMART!  ECO SMART. We cut the stone very thin, then it’s laminated and toughened for increased structural strength. This saves you money, and the planets valuable resources. Enjoy the comfort of thermal insulation, keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer. This means real energy cost savings, year after year. EcoSmart Stone is factory sealed eliminating costly future maintenance. Stunning natural stone that stays looking good. Beautiful & Luxurious. Make painting a thing of the past, and leave that money in your pocket.


Super lightweight, EcoSmart Stone is so easy to handle. This reduces construction times. And that saves you money. Our SmartClip fixing system is very simple, and fast, resulting in further build time reductions. It’s a cavity system which allows the EcoSmart Stone cladding to be screwed direct through to the wall studs, without removing the old fibro sheeting.

And yes, it’s great for do it yourself renovators and builders.


To ensure your building looks elegant, and true to traditional stone construction we have a great range of accessories, door and window returns, corners and window sills. With a stunning range of colours and textures EcoSmart Stone is sure to satisfy the most discerning builders, decorators and architects. Choose from beautiful Slate, Quartz, Sandstone, Limestone and Granite, with many styles and formats available.


Aspiring to the timeless prestige of a beautiful real stone home is no longer a dream. Add thousands to the value of your home in just a few weeks, and enjoy new found thermal comfort and lower energy bills. Make it happen, call SmartStone Systems today and have the most appealing stylish home in the street, at a price you really can afford, and say goodbye to costly future maintenance.


You’ve got to Love Stone, EcoSmart Stone.  

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