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"How MUCH does it COST to have  BEAUTIFUL stone HOME?"


Smart Stone Systems for affordable real stone siding
Affordable wall siding quotations from Smart Stone Systems
Free estimates for sandstone and limestone wall siding

Getting a price for your project

We've attached an Excel file which will guide you to input detail needed to establish the product requirements for your project. Simply download it, fill in all the required information and measurements and quantities. Send it to us, and from there we can tell you exactly how much it will cost to make your home into a stunning beautiful showpeice. Then you can compare the real value against other options. When comparing with render and paint systems remember they generally require wads of cash to be spent on maintenance each 10 year anniversary. Consider also the future resale value of your home with EcoSmart Stone, compared with other claddings requiring regular maintenance expenditure. Real stone is forever. Like you, buyers will immediately recognise the value in purchasing a property that does not require onging costs. This is also likely to reflect in a higher purchase price with extra $ in your pocket.   


If you have plans simply translate the figures to the XL sheet. Other figures and quantuites can be taken from the window and door schedule. 


If you have a retro-fit project without plans you will need to get the tape measure out. Follow the guidelines on the XL sheet and it won't take too long.  Need help?  Just get in touch.

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