"Dry-hang STONE cladding veneer TECHNICAL details."

General...   Both EcoSmart Stone and TechStone products are designed for fixing and installation using the patent pending SmartClip. Effectively a dryhang system. This allows a 20mm airspace between the frame and the wall cladding resulting in a cavity system. This provides superior performance and aids in the prevention of potential moisture penetrating and affecting the structural fabric of the building. See results of direct fix leaking home syndrome NZ click here      


Fig # 1 Typical SmartClip Stud Wall Cavity Installation

Thermal Performance...   The thermal conductivity of both EcoSmart Stone and TechStone is 0.027 W/M.k as product rating. The overall system (see Fig # 1) including internal lining, stud, cavities and cladding stone thermal resistance value is R-3.2 for winter and R-3.0 summer. If desired increased thermal value can be gained by lining the internal of the stud cavities with insulation or the application of thermal blanket externally to the studs. The unique SmartClip installation system provides a complete thermal break between the external facing and the stud frame. This eliminates the transfer of heat or cold through to the internal wall lining thus enhancing the comfort of the inside air temperature. 


50mm Insulation backing






5>8mm Stone Finish






20mm  Cavity


 10mm Drywall





     90mm Stud

  unfilled cavity




    Breather Foil

USA and Canada Thermal Performance... The USA and Canada use a different calculus for R Values based on Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. [Around most of the world, R-values are given in SI units, typically square-metre kelvin per watt or m2·K/W (or equally, m2·°C/W). In the United States and Canada customary units, R-values are given in units offt2·°F·hr/Btu. It is easy to confuse SI and US  R-values, because R-values both in the USA and elsewhere are often cited without their units, e.g., R-3.0. without reference to F or C.]  


Translated the overall stud wall 'system' R-Value for SmartStone System products in the USA and Canada is R-18.3           For USA and Canada the stand alone 'product' R-Value is R-10.2       


Traditional direct fix of FRC panels





  Fig # 2

Traditional Direct Fix Comparison...  Typical direct fix of fibre reinforced cement (FRC) panels and boards allows heat and cold to be transferred from the external sheeting through the fabric of the building as there are no thermal breaks see Fig #2.  This also contributes to strain on the framework through constant expansion and contraction. There are also concerns in the industry that direct fix without a cavity does not allow the dissipation of any moisture absorbed through the external lining thus can cause unwanted rot and deterioration of the buildings  structural framework. 

SmartStones dry-hang cavity system eliminates these concerns. 

Steel Framed Construction... The SmartClip dry-hang cavity system is perfect for steel framed buildings as the studs are insulated from outside the frame. The metal (being a great heat/cold conductor) is protected from the constant stress from expansion and contraction compared to that of most direct fix claddings where the insulation is placed between the studs.


Service Temperature...  EcoSmart Stone and TechStone both have operating temperatures of –180C > +650C. (FirePlusDimensional Stability... <1.1%

Moisture Absorption...  <1%

Water Proofing... Factory sealed natural finish.

Insect Resistant... Will not support pest life.

Rot Resistant... Closed cell formulation 



Noise Deadening... STC53  (ASTM E413-73)

Fire Performance... ASTM E-84  Class A/UK Class O BCA Group1.  Flame spread and Smoke envelopment  25/50 to ASTM E-84.       Flame spread 0.  Smoke developed index 0 .  



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