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"At LAST... stone pillars, columns, piers and fence posts made EASY. The FAST affordable SOLUTION to a normally COSTLY process." 

Traditionally, stone columns, fence posts, piers and pillars are a costly item.

 If not made from dimension stone, which is very costly, stone veneer still requires a base to fix to. This is usually a concrete block or a boxed stud frame with fibre cement sheet affixed. Then the stone is adhered to that substrate. This is time consuming as there are several steps and material requirements. More-so with columns where existing structural posts need covering.  NOT any more. SmartStone Systems have made the construction of pillars, columns and fence posts simple, super fast and affordable. No wet mortar mess, simply stack the sections together, job done.  Super lightweight for easy handling.   


Stone fence post - column - pillars - for fencing and walls

            STRUCTURAL                Hollow centres allow concrete core fill when gates or other heavy items are to be affixed.



Weighing in at just a mere 14kgs (30lbs) each section they are easily handled by one man.



Too easy. One on top of the other. Alignment grooves     ensures perfect placement.



Simply cut each section in half and place around an existing column post, Step each block for a solid dimension block  like construction finish.

Stone columns - pillars - posts for fencing and walls

"The cost savings truly are enormous, and think,    REAL stone versus other less attractive options?"

Pillar - Post - Column Sections for fence posts and walling

Internal Dimensions  -  300mm x 300mm 

External Dimensions  - 360mm x 360mm 

Available in a number of real stone types and colours.

Available in a number of stone finishes.

Matching capping stones at 400mm x 400mm x 30mm 


"Why pay for a 3 to 4 step process when you can do   it all in just one easy step? A smart stone solution."  

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