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"ENJOY the REAL warmth and beauty of HONEY BEIGE SANDSTONE. GET real stone for REAL value compared to artificial."  

There are no special recipes for real stone.

You get exactly what you see, beautiful natural veining mixed with combinations of soft and subtle colour toning. Every piece different. No artificial flavours or additives are needed to create the real charm of natural stone. This Honey sandstone is no exception to that real beauty. 


Available in many finishes it is sure to please the most discerning of homeowners and builders. Natural split, bush hammered, sawn, honed or rockfaced it is equally at home on either contemporary or period style homes. Create a colonial look with full grouted joints, or a modern look with staight cut stone with a pencil joint finish. Note that with 300 Series finishes requiring grout, the stone is supplied with bevelled edges enabling simple grouting after installaion. The grouting is done with a pre-mixed flexible acrylic grout available from our company.   


Honey sandstone comes in both our 300 Series and the Ashlar Series allowing you a diverse choice sure to satisfy your tastes. You can even mix and match Ashlar body stone with 300 Series corners for a real feature. You can even put a mix of larger 300 Series stone in with the Ashar as body stone creating a unique and stylish look. Its up to you, it's easy with Eco Smart Stone.


In addition to body stone and corners we supply setback reveal stone for use along the sides of windows and doors. This, along with window sills, completes a stone construction indiscernible from any original heavy large stone block buildings.  

Smart Stone Systems have real sandstone cladding cornered


Smart Stone Systems - Ashlar Sandstone Cladding Corners


Setback stone reveals for windows and doors - from Smart Stone Systems

Available in 300 Series we have setback return stone pieces which reveal the true depth on the sides of windows and doors. These are available with all stone finishes however the side reveal is sawn finish only. This is to ensure a neat even finish when set adjacent the window frame and allows for tidy adequate sealing for waterproofing. 

Beveled Edge - Sandstone Veneer Cladding from Smart Stone Systems

Factory bevelled edges provide the perfect channel for neat and clean onsite mortar application. This results in a mortar joint size of 9mm > 11mm wide. 


Ready mixed grout makes this a simple task, though can be time consumimg the results are worth it for that traditional look. 

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