"HOW we make natural STONE universal and AFFORDABLE IN ITS USE. What are the benefits of Eco Smart Stone for BUILDERS and CONSUMERS?"



That’s the question we asked our staff recently. And we’re a passionate mob when it comes to stone. One eyed, totally biased and parochial would be tame labels. Usually our marketing team plans and constructs our advertising and copy. But for a change, and a little challenge we invited our staff to offer us words of wisdom and smart ideas in stone.

The brief was to communicate the main attributes of Eco Smart Stone in just words around one visual. The visual could be anything other than a building of stone.


In short we asked the team to best convey with the Eco Smart Stone brand that,  1.building green is affordable  2. real stone is affordable           3. natural stone requires little or no maintenance   4. future energy savings. The assumption is that most people already know the true beauty of natural stone, which has endured for years, and will endure for many more.


The following are just some of the ideas and interesting themes tossed around. Whilst we have fairly consistent branding it was fascinating to see the different twists portrayed by our staff. We were very impressed with the results, which is why we have displayed them here. And we had some fun too.


Weighing up the cost and affordabilty of natural stone siding and wall veneer

Smart dogs and smart women

There is obviously a dog lover amongst us stone lovers

Amazing how smart and intellectual a dog looks with glasses 

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Stone Facing

Curtain Walls

Fence Columns

Rockface Sandstone










Fence Pillars

Split Sandstone

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