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Direct to stud fixing is much faster and saves real money compared to traditional stone veneer installations. 


"AT LAST, a stone cladding system that does NOT require an expensive substrate to fix the stone to. Nor the need for COSTLY stone masons & wet trade installers." 


Traditional stone veneer cladding requires a board substrate be fixed to studs, that it then be taped and jointed, then sealed before wet fixing of the stone. Alternately, a concrete block wall structure is required. Board to stud fixing for stone requires more than just the cost of the materials, but the labour to batten, fix, joint and seal. By the time the carpenters have done these extra 4 - 5 steps,  EcoSmart Stone installation would already be started, installed direct to studs, without all the above costs and time. Not to mention the savings on internal wall insulation costs and labour required for traditional stone veneer cladding. EcoSmart Stone is well over the mandatory BCA thermal requirements, WITHOUT the extra costs of in-stud insulation bats.  


YES, our products are a little more expensive than stand alone stone veneer, at around $110 a sq metre, HOWEVER when you factor in the F/C board substrate costs, insulation, labour and the extra labour required for traditional wetfix stone  installations, THINGS CHANGE. What matters to YOU, the consumer, is the ON THE WALL COST.  EcoSmart Stone delivers savings of up to $150-00 - $170-00 a sq metre compared to wet-fix stone veneers. With an average house size of 200sq metres  - 250 sq metres, that's a big cost savings. 


Requires substrate board to fix to -------None

Requires battens for a cavity ----------Included

Requires in stud wall insulation R-3 --Included

High fixing installation cost --------Half Labour

The real cost of stone cladding veneer
The real cost of stone veneer cladding
The cost of installing stone veneer cladding

Typical loose stone walling for traditional veneer fixing.

Sells at around $100 - $130 a square metre at most retailers.

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All up installed cost around $400 - $450 a sq metre

All up weight on the frame 80 - 100kgs a sq metre

EcoSmart Stone cladding with cavity fittings.

Cost is around $140 - $160 a square metre.

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All up installed cost around $240 - $270 sq metre

All up weight on the frame just 20 - 30kgs sq metre

Typical Wet-Fix Stone Veneer Price Comparison Versus EcoSmart Stone Cladding System

Price Comparison Table.png

                                    With the average house coverage of 200 plus sq metres EcoSmart Stone represents                                      savings of over $10,000 over traditional Stone Veneer installation procedures.

 PLEASE NOTE : The above references are generalized considering that different stone and finishes have different price points, and that either type of material mostly has different  and usually higher pricing for corners and returns, compared to body or face stone pricing. Labour may be higher where more window or door detail exists, or grouting is required, or if site access is difficult. It should also be appreciated that some prices tabled will vary considering retailers offer goods at sale reductions from time to time. These figures are typical Australia market.

FORGET the expensive stone masons, most competent carpenters or DIY'ers can easily install EcoSmart Stone. 

We don't make comparisons with vinyl cladding and painted F/C sheet cladding, simply, they are NOT comparable.

 Neither do we claim we are cheaper than brick veneer construction at circa $130 - $145 sq metre in Australia.   That said, by the time in-wall insulation is added to brick veneer, as required, plus the extra concrete footing costs    the difference is circa $70 less per square metre. It's likely the property will appreciate in greater value. Natural         stone is a PREMIUM product, which will likely be recognized and reflected in a higher sale price of a property.              What difference might a stone home versus a brick veneer home when it comes to sale time?  Your choice.          We simply make stone cladding much more affordable and energy efficient than the traditional install methods. 

FACT : Stone is the most durable external material on the planet. It has been proven for many centuries.        Beauty that truly lasts,  ZERO cost maintenance for stone ...   compared to painting every 10 years?

"MUST SEE!  If you would really like to know the true benefits of a cavity system versus wet fix stone veneer cladding see this short video here."

The cost of stone cladding veneer and wall siding comparison with EcoSmart Stone dryfix mechanical cavity system

"Potential moisture must be allowed to go somewhere, but definitely not into the fabric of the house causing rot and structural damage, as in this example."

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