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The BEAUTY of this cladding STONE is MORE than SKIN deep. It insulates from COLD, heat and NOISE.

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Rustic sandstone cladding - Rockface - Split stone walling - Cladding stone veneer - Wall Stone - lightweight Wall siding

Stunning split and bolstered rustic sandstone cladding. Real stone, super lightweight at just 28Kgs a sq metre, for FAST and easy installations. Fully insulated to R-3.0 (R-18 USA/Canada) without other internal thermal insulation in the stud walls offers more cost savings. Direct to stud fixing brackets saves even more money, as the walls do not need a board or lathe substrate as required with traditional wet fix mortar veneer installations. Another bonus is that EcoSmart Stone offers considerably good sound insulation. #cladding #walling #veneer #stone #sandstone #rockface

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