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BRILLIANT fence piers, columns & posts landscaping SOLUTIONS for Fencing and Garden Landscapers

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

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ABSOLUTELY the MOST affordable way to construct columns, pillars, piers, fence and gate posts. Interlocking super lightweight stacking sections. TOO EASY. Saving heaps of time, therefore heaps of money. Full structural capabilities when core filled with concrete. Easily cut in half and wrapped around existing metal or timber posts. Done and dusted, no building a frame with F/C backing board and then sticking the veneer to that. This is a ONE step solution. Just ONE step affords you the lowest cost REAL stone columns, piers, pillars, fence or gate posts on the planet.

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Janet Mazhandu-Kwaramba
Janet Mazhandu-Kwaramba
Jun 17, 2021

Could you kindly send me the full range of column finish options as well as prices please. Thank

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