"the BEAUTY of stone wall cladding made fast and easy"

   Making a decision on your exterior walling is not always easy. As is finding a durable affordable finish that looks stunning, maybe unique, without future maintenance costs. For smart exterior cladding solutions we work very hard to make it easier for you. Super LIGHTWEIGHT stone cladding at just 20 to 25Kgs a square metre for easy handling. Fully insulated siding you can enjoy the beauty of natural stone with real energy cost savings and increased home comfort.

Think of natural stone as 'fashion for homes'. Durable WALL STONE that truly lasts, a veneer cladding that won't wear out, or go 'out of fashion'. Real stone wall siding is perfect for traditional styles and modern architecture building.

"below is just a few of the stunning stone styles available"
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'forget painting and maintenance costs,

enjoy the savings and the beauty'


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Make your dream home come true and enjoy prestige of stone without a premium price tag. For beautiful stylish exteriors Ecosmart stone cladding provides the ultimate solution. Thermally insulated super lightweight natural wall stone veneer designed for very fast simple clean installations.

Direct to stud fixing with R-3.0 thermal system value.

USA and Canada R-18.0 thermal system value.

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Rustic Sandstone Cladding Rockface Split Finish - Stone Siding Veneer

Proven for centuries, stone truly is the most enduring external finish on the planet.

"the resilience of stone wall siding is proven over centuries"

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