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"JUST stone... traditional ROCK face sandstone wall cladding tiles and SPLIT stone wall siding veneer" 

If you are looking for conventional rock face cladding stone we can supply it. We have two choice options in colour, HONEY and RUSTIC. These can be mixed to good effect if required.

Rock Face Sandstone Wall Cladding
Rock Faced Sandstone Wall Cladding Veneer
Rockface Sandstone Wall Siding Veneer

"COMPARE the REST...  get the BEST Value ROCK faced sandstone wall cladding here" 

Honey Rock Face Sandstone cladding tiles, split face and factory bolstered. Mixed 600mm and 500mm lengths x 300mm height x 15mm > 30mm thickness. (Circa 30kgs average sq metre)  

Perfect over F/C Sheeting, Besser block or ICF. Retaining walls and garden fences. 

Natural Split Sandstone Wall Cladding

Honey Sandstone cladding tiles.

Split Face finish

Rockface sandstone wall cladding corner stone

Honey Rock Face Sandstone Corner tile, Split face with bolstered edges.

400mm and 200mm x                                                      300mm height x 15mm                                                     > 30mm thickness.                                                          (Circa 30kgs sq metre)  

 We understand that some consumers do not require the added insulation bulk of our standard Eco Smart Stone. Thus we do, and can offer the same stone finish without the added insulation bulk. Our rock face sandstone veneer is much thinner than most others available at 15mm to 30mm thickness overall. That equates to just  25kgs to 35kgs a square metre. Still a lightweight compared to others at up to 100kgs a square metre. Much easier to handle, and less stress on the wall substrate. They are for wet fix or adhesive fixed installations.    


Rustic Sandstone Rock Face Wall Cladding Stone

An example of RUSTIC Rock Face Sandstone    Split face with bolstered edges.

Rustic Sandstone Rock Face Cladding Stone. Exterior wall siding

Another example of RUSTIC Rock Face Sandstone    Split face with bolstered edges.

"SEE our Pier and Fencing solutions below.   The time SAVINGS are truly are enormous".

Rock Face Sandstone fence post - column - pillars - for fencing and walls


 Hollow centres allow concrete core fill when gates or other heavy items are to be affixed.



Weighing in at just a mere 14kgs (30lbs) each section they are easily handled by one man.



Too easy. One on top of the other. Alignment grooves     ensures perfect placement.



Simply cut each section in half and place around an existing column post, Step each block for a solid dimension block  like construction finish.



Internal Dimensions  -  350mm x 350mm (1ft-1/6’)

External Dimensions  - 450mm x 450mm (1ft-1/2’)

Available in a number of real stone types and colours.

Available in a number of stone finishes.

Matching capping stones at 550mm x 550mm x 30mm 


Rock Face Sandstone - Pillar - Post - Column Sections for fence posts and walling
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