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"The GREAT column cover up." The Post. 2018

Traditionally, many structural columns were constructed from full dimension stone. That was in the days (centuries) when stone was constantly used, and many workers had the skills required. These structural stone columns have since become the architectural features of many of the historic building we see today. The high cost of tradespeople, especially skilled in stonework today, has made dimension stone works very costly. Dimension stone works requires the fabrication of each piece of stone to suit an application as it is built. Heavy, dirty and time consuming, therefore justifiably costly work, and subsequently out of many home owners budgets.

Stone cladding veneer for pillars, piers and columns
A typical dimension stone column pillar construction.

When it comes to covering existing structural posts on a home, veranda's and second floor bearers etc with a stunning stone feature, it can also become a very costly exercise. If using a stone veneer cladding it firstly requires a box frame to be constructed. Then it needs to be lined with fibre cement sheeting as a base for the stone to be adhered to. This involves a reasonable amount of work even before the stone can be applied. With an average full height column at 2.4 metres in height, and lets say 450mm x 450mm in dimensions it would cost around $400 each to build the frame. Then with the average cost of stone cladding veneer at around $250 - $300 a sq metre the cladding would be around $800 for each one. That is a total of around $1200-00 per column, and would be around 2 days work for a tradesman or a little more for a DIYer.

Beautiful stone cladding veneers for columns, piers, posts and pillars. New home building.

ENTER SMART STONE SYSTEMS and SAVE 3/4's of that time.

Smart Stone Systems manufacture fabricated 4 sided stone sections in a range of stone types and finishes. These truly solve the time aspects involved for covering the likes of veranda posts and columns. Each section is super lightweight at just 14kgs each (30lbs), so installation is very fast and easy. With calibrated alignment grooves they simply stack on top of each other, just like Lego blocks. As required for wraparound over column posts each section is cut in half into a U shape, then positioned over the post with the matching other half on the opposite side. Stepping the joints on the consecutive sections will create a solid dimension stone look on completion. Beautiful. The cost savings of these lovely stone column sections is around 20% over the box construction and veneer method. Above all, the labour savings are as much as 75% less in the on site construction time. With the Smart Stone System a column would be completed in less than 4 hours maximum time, not two days.

As an even lower cost option, on a new home the pillars could be built when the home is constructed, then core filled with concrete to carry the roof or second level loads. This does away with the need for structural metal or timber posts, saving those extra costs and labour altogether.

Stone column features 'on a budget', can be completed less expensively as a 'part' column post base, similar that in the example below.

Stone wall piers, pillars, posts and columns. Veranda posts and feature wall columns. Wall cladding and Siding

SmartStone Systems can supply many types of stone, Basalt, Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Bluestone and Granite, to suit all architectural tastes. With colour variations and styles sure to suit the most discerning of home owners and architects.

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