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"SOMETIMES you CAN do the IMPOSSIBLE. This fibro retro-fit cladding transformation proves YOU can."

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Transforming an old fibro home with the beauty of stone cladding veneer. Lightweight wall siding panels and stone.

As with most typical older Australian fibro houses, with no thermal insulation, it is cold in winter, and very hot in summer. These owners home was also looking very tired. With rectification they were faced with stripping all the fibro sheets off, and starting again. A cost alone of over $14,000 for the approved asbestos fibre cement sheet removal.

Enter Smart Stone Systems, with a mechanical fixing system that allowed EcoSmart Stone to be fixed over the top, without the costly fibro removal. Direct to stud bracket fixing through the existing sheet allowed normal complete structural load performance. The thermal insulating performance of EcoSmart Stone then added an R-3.0 value to the walls. ALL in just ONE simple, clean application. That's a SMART stone system.

The home is now a very COSY and comfortable one, with much reduced utility costs for heating and cooling. Not to mention how CHARMING and BEAUTIFUL the home now looks. Nor the much INCREASED capital value it has created. WHAT do you think?

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Kerry Storm
Kerry Storm
28 jul 2021

What is the average cost for this ?

We live in a 2 brm house, single level house.

Me gusta
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