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"Perfect lightweight cladding solutions for upper floor level buildings".

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Basalt Blue Stone Wall Cladding - Modern Home with stone cladding veneer - Insulated Wall Siding

EcoSmart Stone is PERFECT for upper floor level building due to it's super LIGHTWEIGHT features. At just 20 - 25kgs per square metre there is very little stress on the structure, compared to traditional stone veneer siding at upwards of 100kgs a square metre. Direct to stud mechanical fixing saves the cost of F/C lining board, or lathe and plaster as required for wet-fix cladding stone. EcoSmart Stone is thermally insulated to R-3.0 (R-18 USA/Canada) without other in-wall insulation. A FAST and economical solution for a truly prestige finish for any home building. #stonecladding #wallingstone #basalt

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