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'LUXE Stone'... Luxury STONE, Deluxe STONE walling. WHY?  "Because REAL stone wall cladding veneer is LUXE Stone, LUXURY Stone or DELUXE Stone."

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Whichever way we call it, stone is Luxe, or Luxury, or Deluxe walling stone. EcoSmart Stone has the beauty of natural stone with all the luxury finishes. Super lightweight, at just 20kgs to 26kgs a square metre, very easy to install and perfect for all types of construction projects. Stone houses ARE considered luxury homes, now barely affordable unfortunately, in the traditional sense. High labour intensity involved with stone cladding installation has meant a stone home has become a luxury.

Smart Stone Systems has changed that. Enjoying a Luxe home without a luxury price tag is now possible. The SmartClip brackets and tongue lock each stone together for simple alignment. A cavity system with easy installation allows direct to timber or metal stud wall fixing with no need for lining boards. No more mess like direct wet-fix mortar systems.


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The simplicity of the installation process is shown here. Enjoy the luxury of a stone home and thermal comfort without the high luxe cost 

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