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FibreCLAD wall siding

smart cladding for smarter building

SUPERIOR fibre cement wall cladding for SMART Builders

Fibre cement insulated wall cladding


FibreCLAD Fiber Cement Wall Cladding

EXPERIENCE the real BEAUTY of full colour fibre cement walling. LOOK at these great BENEFITS.

Fibre Cement Wall Siding
Fiber Cement Wall Cladding
F/C Cement Wall Siding Facades
Fibre Cement Walling Facades
Fiber Cement Wall Panels
Fibre Cement Weather Board
Fiber Cement Wall Siding
Insulated Wall Siding - F/C Sheet
Fibre Cement Exterior Cladding

be inspired

Just a few compelling reasons why FibreCLAD could be perfect for your new build or refurbishment.  

F/C wall cladding - James Hardie alternatives
FibreCLAD Fibre cement wall siding
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FULL body colour (right through) HIGH density fibre cement facing requiring ZERO painting or ongoing maintenance. 

Factory nano-sealed for SUPERIOR moisture and water protection. 

FULLY insulated to meet R-3.0 thermal ratings WITHOUT other in-stud wall insulation. 

Super LIGHTWEIGHT for QUICK easy handling at just 12kgs a square metre. 

FAST fixing, direct to metal or timber stud wall. Tongue and groove alignment joiners keep facing and joints perfectly neat.

A drainage cavity wall system WITHOUT the need and cost of battens and the extra labour costs.  

Super STRONG - laminated with high density fire resistant insulation board for tough impact resistance.

A fully BCA compliant system and warrantied against defects for real consumer piece of mind, 

A superior “ALL IN ONE” insulated wall cladding system offering great value for the stunning finish achieved. A lightweight product with heavyweight features.

Whichever way you look at it. vertical or horizontal, FibreCLAD provides STUNNING visual appeal.

Fibre Cement Walling Facade

Dark Grey Sanded        Dark Grey Natural          Light Grey Natural                                                  Factory Nano Water Protection

Full bodied Insulated Fibre Cement Board
Waterproof exterior wall cladding
Insulated cavity wall cladding system
Wall facade and siding systems

SmartClip Bracket


Wall cladding fixing bracket

SmartClip Bracket


Wall cladding fixing starter rail

Multi-Rail   Starter / Sill / Lintel / Reveal

FibreClad wall siding facade

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